Benefits of Reupholstering

By Maple Drapery Design Studio

With all that has transpired in the last year we have been spending more time in our homes then ever before.  With that comes the sense of wanting a change.  With spring approaching, "spring cleaning" is on everyone's mind.  While this to most would mean decluttering or giving your home a fresh look with a new coat of paint, one way that is sometimes overlooked is simply to reupholster or refinish your existing furniture.  Reupholstering can allow you to make a minor change while still giving your home a major new look.  The rest will follow.

Freshen Up Your Space

If you’re updating the look and feel of a  space, you may want to start by freshening up the fabrics on some key furniture pieces.  By reupholstering or refinishing any outdated or damaged items, you can revamp the room without having to splurge on new furniture.  There are thousands of fabrics available to choose from.  You can make the piece a focal point of a room with bold, elaborate patterns and colours, or you can make it a simple statement piece. 




Reupholstering is also a good way to up-cycle older furniture.  It's also a great way to revamp an inexpensive or tired looking piece you may have found, or purchased at a vintage sale, and give it new life.  Older pieces are usually quite solid and well made, so why not find a new use for it, rather than throwing it away, or hiding it in the basement?



Save a Favourite or Heirloom

What's old is new again.  We all have memories of spending time in our grandparents homes, with unique furniture that everyone sat on.  To your grandparents these where precious items that they never wanted to get rid of, regardless of the wear and tear, and so they wanted you to have it. If you have inherited some of these pieces, like a love seat or chair, you don’t need to hide it or get rid of it just because of some damage.  Reupholster your items to give them a brand new appearance.  You can find similar fabrics to keep the original look, or you can change the look entirely to make it unique to your taste now and pass it along to your grandchildren.

Make the Most of Your Quality Furniture

 As we mentioned, older furniture is usually well made and solid.  It can be hard to find great quality furniture these days, and it's common for older traditional pieces to outlast its contemporary counterparts.   This is where reupholstering is a great alternative. If you have an older, solid wood-framed couch that fits perfectly in your space and is still in good condition, you may actually save money by reupholstering it, rather than buying a new lesser quality, but more expensive couch.




There is a time when you are looking to make some changes and you just can’t find that perfect fabric, colour or pattern you want, even though you have found the perfect piece of furniture. You might find the perfect chair, but the seat fabric might not work with the rest of the room décor.  Reupholstering allows you to purchase that piece and customize it for the perfect look.  This is especially handy if your space calls for a couch or ottoman in a unique shape or specific size.  Buy the piece, change the fabric.  It's that simple.



There are many ways to upgrade or change a space.  Reupholstering existing pieces of furniture allows you the convenience and flexibility to make the perfect choices.  You will be happy with the new look, and it may even give you a start to make other changes to everything from your drapery, pillows, paint colours, area rugs, headboards, bedding, etc...The possibilities are endless, and we are here to help make those possibilities into reality!



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