Never Too Late

By Christin Bryant

I’m an Influencer! 

“You’re a What”?

I love my job but sometimes I wish I could say I’m a teacher or doctor or something that everyone is familiar with, but I’m an Influencer…a job that didn’t really exist just five years ago, and one that I didn’t think I would be doing in my late-forties. 

To be honest, I don’t really like the term “influencer” as, in my opinion, it has connotations of trying to influence or convince people to buy things, which isn’t what I do.  I just like to share outfits and ideas, but I guess the term “outfit sharer” could bring on a whole new meaning.

If you don’t know what an influencer is, its basically anyone with an audience (usually a social media following) who shares information with that audience.  The followers then use that information to make purchasing decisions. Influencers might also work with particular brands on sponsored posts where they are paid to talk about a certain product or service.  The sponsored brand/partner uses various analytical tools to gauge the success of working with that particular influencer (i.e. Me).  The more influence you have (and followers), the more the sponsored brands/partners want to work with you.

I personally use Instagram as my platform to connect with my audience, and I mainly promote clothing, shoes, bags and accessories.  I have occasionally also shared make up, skin care products, kitchen gadgets or a recipe I recently came across.  What is important to me is to work with brands/partners, that I trust and allow me to have the creative freedom to give an honest review!  Rose and Flair Lifestyle, has become one of my favourite small online shops with some great gift ideas.

So how did I get here?  It’s never too late.  I didn’t start out wanting to become an influencer. I actually started my Instagram account to advertise my jewelry.  I started posting pictures of the bracelets I made on my arm so that you could see them in context, and as part of an outfit.  Sometimes I would end up showing more of my outfits, and I would get asked where the clothing was from. I have always liked fashion, and putting pieces together, so my account naturally morphed into sharing full ideas with shoes, bags, jewelry etc. Once I had a decent following, I applied to a fashion affiliate program and grew my followers.  I have now been an influencer for four years and have made it my full-time job!

It takes quite a bit of time to grow a substantially large audience.  The key to being a successful influencer is to be authentic.  Your followers will relate to you and trust you when you are honest and upfront.  Influencing gives me freedom and flexibility in my daily schedule, and also allows me to decide how much work I want to put into it.  I love what I do!

About The Author:

Christin Bryant is a Wife, Mom and Influencer from Edmonton, Alberta.  To see her looks and the latest trends follow her on Instagram @cbstyled

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