Meet the Co-Founders

We are a sister duo with a lot to share!

Our favourite pastime together has always been to shop and discuss issues relating to our lives, our families and our health.  Although the two of us actually live on opposite sides of the country, we knew we wanted to do something that would bring us closer, especially through these trying times.  With the help of technology and zoom, we were able to do just that.

Welcome to our new Canadian-based website.  We created it with the hopes of helping others of our generation, or any generation for that matter, enjoy doing what we love to do...get excited about shopping, enjoy listening to others and become informed and inspired. 

It has been, what seems, a lifelong journey to get to this point.

This website is all about the passion and the journey.  It's about finding quality, sophisticated and fun products and ideas so that you can indulge yourself and others.

It’s also about a desire to learn, listen and find peace, joy, love and fulfillment in all that we do.

This website comes from the heart.  It comes from dedication and commitment and we look forward to assisting you in any way we can. 

We hope to gain your trust to think of us as your Personal Shoppers and Advisors.  As such, our first piece of advice to you is to always

Stop To Smell The Roses & Live Life With Flair

You definitely deserve it!

Yours in love and good health,

Antonella & Belinda


Giving back to the community is something we are also passionate about.  Read all about it in our Giving Back page.