Our favourite pastime has always been to shop.  It was something we loved to do together.  But when one sister moves across country, it becomes difficult.  Throw in a world wide pandemic, and it becomes next to impossible. 

Creating Rose & Flair Lifestyle was a way for us to bring back that love.  Shopping online, finding great new products and creating beautiful gift ideas together, has become a rewarding NEW pastime.

Our goal is to make gift giving fun and easy for anyone.  We want to make the stress of finding a perfect gift for someone else, less stressful for you.

We have added other features to our website that we know you will also enjoy.  We have partnered with some innovative Affiliate Vendors that also have great products and gift ideas, which you can purchase direct from their websites using an Exclusive Rose & Flair Lifestyle discount code. 

You can also sit back and enjoy great reads from our talented author partners who have provided us with informative and entertaining blog articles for our Rose & Flair Blog Journal.

If you know us at all, you know that we do everything from the heart and with passion.  This website is our passion, and everything in it definitely comes from the heart.  We hope you enjoy navigating through it and seeing all the great things we have to offer.  We want you to start thinking of us as your "GoTo" duo team.  We are here to help in any way we can so that you have more time to
Stop To Smell The Roses & Live Life With Flair
You definitely deserve it!
Yours in love and good health,


Antonella & Belinda


The name Rose & Flair Lifestyle is inspired by our mother's nickname, Rose, for the beauty and distinct style she always presented herself with.  We come by our love of shopping honestly, so it is also inspired by her Flair in always getting the finer things in life.  We are so grateful she shared that passion with her daughters!


Giving back to the community is also something we are very passionate about.  See what we are doing about it in our Giving Back page.